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Get Ahead, Wear Crazy Socks, It Says A Lot.

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colourful socks

You have a job that you go to every day, the typical nine-to-five gig. You wake up, jump in the shower, maybe grab a bowl of flakes or crisps or loops, and then it’s time to throw on the shirt, tuck it into the slacks, tie the tie, throw the jacket on, and head in.

Everybody has to do it, so we do it.

In this world of straightforward conformity, it’s easy to forget how to express oneself. Sure, there are ways that we can show our more vibrant sides to others than through colorful or eccentric dress, but every now and again, it doesn’t hurt to have one original item, just for some peace of mind.

Enter the world of wacky socks.

Though it’s a fairly new trend, the business of fun, colorful patterned socks has been taking flight as of late. Why is it? Why are all the stripes and shades and polka dots beginning to take hold?

It’s because there is a distinct correlation between people who wear interesting socks and their success and happiness in life, or at least their perception of it.

Think about all of the clothing items you have hanging in your closet or tucked away in your dresser. I daresay the number of socks you have isn’t rivaled by anything else you own, except perhaps underwear, and even that’s unlikely. Socks are something you wear not one, but two of every day. Don’t you want to be able to switch up the style every now and again? I’m guessing not all your underwear are the same color, and people—well, most people—don’t even see those!

There’s an age-old adage—well, it’s really become a cliché at this point, but it still rings true: Never judge a book by its cover. In spite of this sage advice, it is often human nature to judge someone new by the first impression you receive of them. As a result, many people shy away from doing, acting, or wearing something that might make them stand out and differentiate them from the status quo.

Socks can be the one act of rebellion you can incorporate into your life. They’re subtle, only really revealed when you sit down or cross your legs, so it isn’t like you’re going to cause much offense to the stodgy executive board at your company.

And even if you do, who cares?

Traditionally, the rule of thumb—or, big toe, if you will—was to make sure that the color of your socks matched the color of your trousers. That rule has been torn out of the rule book, crumpled into a ball, and thrown out of the conference room window. Now, it’s truly anything-goes when it comes to off-the-wall socks.

I know that some people may make the argument that they’re losing socks all the time, so it’s ridiculous for them to go out of their way to acquire ones that stroll off the beaten path. But think about the socks that you lose, or seem to take a mind of their own and wander out of the dryer. Those are the white tube socks, or the ankle-length socks that you wear on runs. If you wore some socks that were more originally, that really took pride in themselves, don’t you think they’d be less prone to wanting to escape? Or, don’t you think you might try a little harder to keep track of them? I bet you would.

Up until modern day, traditional familial roles might have prevented guys from wearing colorful socks. This is because when it came to purchasing socks, the males of the household usually dropped this task on their wives, so they were content with whatever was waiting for them in their sock drawers when they returned. Naturally, these days women have become fed up with doing the work of the men in their lives (as they should be), so that opens the door for—shocker!—the men to go out and make their own sock selections.

That being said, women, of course, can rock some fun, fancy socks as well! If heels are your office go-to, it’s less likely that you’re going to want to be rocking some cushiony sock protection, no matter how fun the pattern is. However, regardless of your “walk” of life, you can always customize your outfit to include a fresh sock design.

Think about the people and companies who are successful these days. Sure, the traditional Wall Street buffs are still making coin hand over fist, but those aren’t the businesses that are changing the way of the world—they’re merely stifling it with tradition, so they can stick to black socks. Those who are making the difference are the tech companies, the offbeat media companies, and those who innovate with inventions.

If you’re an innovator, shouldn’t you be one in all aspects of the word?

I’m not asking you to completely overhaul the wardrobe here! I know there’s a certain expectation for the way someone can dress in a business environment; a line that doesn’t necessarily need to be crossed. However, that line doesn’t extend all the way down to your feet. Well, it may be less-than-ideal to bust out those cheetah print loafers—but it’s perfectly fine to throw on some cheetah print socks.

There are some that contend only those who are at the top of the business world are qualified to rock such an outlandish accessory. They claim that if you’ve paid your dues for a long time and have risen to the top, this qualifies you to be bold.

I say that’s ridiculous and counterproductive. Your socks should represent the life you want to lead. If you’re going to be content with that drab corner cubicle for the rest of your life, by all means, continue to slip on those charcoal gray bad boys with the holes in the heels. If you’re striving for the home office and the mid-day jaunts to the beach for a quick surf, then bust out that rainbow-and-polka-dot number.

Get Ahead, Wear Crazy Socks, It Says A Lot.
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