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Do You Have All The Signs Of A Beauty Addict?

beautiful eye

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beautiful eye

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look our best. Often, if we are pleased with our physical appearance, this confidence stems over to other avenues of our lives. Before we go to sleep every evening, we apply a special elixir to our faces to ensure that we minimize wrinkles and effectively slow the aging process to a near-standstill. We have a weekly manicure and pedicure scheduled for Wednesday of every week that we simply cannot miss. In the morning, we refuse to leave the house before we’ve had the opportunity to place our special swelling reduction balm on every square inch of our body to reduce bloating.

But when do we cross the line from being reasonably concerned with the way we present ourselves to the outside world—okay, maybe a bit more than average, but certainly not to detrimental levels—and when does it cross the line to something that may be impeding on our day-to-day lives, financial status, or general wellbeing? We’ve compiled an extensive list of warning signs. If you’re guilty of the majority of these, it may be time to reassess your ways when it comes to the lengths you’re going to on behalf of your appearance.

  1. When you find out your favorite beauty product is being discontinued, you buy the final eight cases in existence and stockpile it in your bedroom closet, much to the chagrin of your significant other. You become the go-to dealer of the stuff, and sell it to friends at a 100% markup. It’s a good business decision, but more importantly, if they wanted any then they should have brought some themselves!
  2. If someone dares accuse you of having “ten identical shades of lipstick,” it’s all you can do to not completely go off on them. Are they colorblind? Do they not know the difference between flamingo pink and electric pink tantrum? Jeez.
  3. If you were faced with the prospect of choosing three things to bring if you were stranded on a deserted island, it would be pink, hot pink, and mauve.
  4. You’ve had to make ghost Pinterest accounts because you’re embarrassed at how jam-packed your original board has gotten.
  5. You have to write down your “game plan” for applying each of your 17 products in the morning. There is a specific order to the process, and if you mess up a single step, you have to start over and go back to the beginning.
  6. You have a decent-paying job, but thanks to your addiction, you find yourself spending far more time at your parents’ house than necessary so that you can gain access to the free meals…and your mother’s checkbook. Hey, you aren’t proud of it—at least you know it’s wrong!
  7. Not a week goes by that you don’t receive at least one beauty box on your front doorstep. Except that one week in April, when not a single package came to the door, and you cried yourself to sleep…which was followed by the week where you received four boxes, two of them complimentary because they’d messed up the shipping the week prior.
  8. There’s no shame in standing in the path of a passerby on your way to work if said passerby is wearing an intriguing shade of lipstick that could potentially look gorgeous on your own mouth. You simply have to know what it is!
  9. You no longer have a need for manicures, not only because your prowess now either meets or exceeds the level of the experts, but because your nail polish collection contains virtually every shade in the visual color spectrum. You chalk it up to the fact that you want to save money.
  10. Tax return? Did you get your tax return this year? It never came! You need to… “Oh,” you say, as you catch the crate of new beauty supplies in the corner of your bedroom, “Nevermind…”
  11. You don’t often wear winged eyeliner, but when you do it is so flawless and far and away more skillfully done than anyone else’s out there. And that’s a fact.
  12. As much as you love make-up, if there’s one thing you won’t be guilty of, it’s going to sleep with it on. There’s a process to be followed: cleansing, scrubbing, toning, moisturizing…it’s a ritual, really. The teeth are secondary. It’s all about the face.
  13. When those who aren’t in-the-know come by and see your collection of makeup brushes, they presume you’re an artist. You have to explain to them that while that isn’t necessarily wrong, your canvas is actually your face.
  14. You pride yourself on the reviews you write for beauty websites. If your English teachers could see you now, they’d know that you were a talented writer after all—you just needed to find the subject matter you could believe in!

Look on the bright side. There are far habits out there that are far more detrimental to all aspects of your health than simply wanting to look good. At least you aren’t out on the streets, making hush-hush exchanges for the latest lip balm. By this way of thinking, if you have the time to commit to yourself and the means to acquire the products to do the job right, there may not be anything wrong with it. What’s more, if your process is something that makes you happy and confident, then all the more reason to keep on keeping on.

Then again: it’s what’s on the inside that counts, right? Maybe we should all put the mirror down for a second and realize that we’re all fabulous, and no amount of primping or product could rival that.

Go ahead. Buy the products of your dreams. At the very least, it’s fun to have something you can be passionate about. Think about all the people who go through life not really caring about anything. At least you have makeup. Oh yes—you’ll always have makeup!

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